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Once you CV has been selected, you should know that you can be asked to go through a phone interview, before a face to face interview or just to replace it. In that case, you will only have between 20 and 30 minutes to convince that you are the right candidate! 

As important as a face to face interview, we give you here the main keys to succeed on a phone interview: 

Tip # 1 –Prepare your interview in advance

Just like you would prepare yourself for a face to face interview, you also need to do the same for a phone interview. It is important that you get all the information you need about the company: spend time on the company website, look for important information about it and try to find out about new projects they are working on

As the interview is on the phone, you have the opportunity to have your notes with you. However, be careful to not read them or otherwise the recruiter will find out. 

Tip # 2 –Be early and 100% available on your interview

We would recommend to be 10 minutes early close to your phone. Just in case your caller is early too. Plus, this extra time will give you the opportunity to relax, breathe and start focusing on your phone interview. During the call, be sure to be 100% available and focused. Be sure to have no distraction around you or the recruiter will feel it, for sure. 

Tip # 3 –Target your skills

If you have passed the “interview” selection then it means your CV made a good impression. Next step:  Show your motivation on the phone. How do you do that? Well, it is important to put forward your main skills that will make the difference and show the links between the position and your own experience. 

Don’t forget that every little details can have a positive impact during the interview: practicing a sport or being involved in an association are important and they can make a difference in some cases.

Tip # 4 –Have a convincing tone

Indeed, the recruiter cannot see you. However he is focused on your voice and he will remember the details of the call. That is why your best asset is the tone of your voice. 

Avoid being monotonous: this certainly won’t show any motivation from you. Also, note that your gesture has an influence on your tone so it is recommended that you act on the phone the way you would act on a face to face interview (smiling, hand gestures and so on). 

Stay calm while on the phone, relax, and speak slowly so you stay focused on your speech. Don’t be afraid small pauses during the conversation: they are helpful to think about your answers. 

Keep in mind that the phone interview is a two way discussion with the recruiter, remain clear, articulated, sound professional, rephrase if necessary and smile! It is very easy to know if someone is smiling on the phone or not!

Tip # 5 –Ask questions

A phone interview gives you the opportunity to show your motivation and how keen you are to work for the company. Asking questions is a good way to show the recruiter that you have worked on your interview that you are interested in the company and the position you are applying for. 

Always have a few questions ready about the position and/or the company: what are the main tasks? What are the advantages of the position?...

Being curious is always a good thing when it comes to show your interest.

Tip # 6 –Do not underestimate your conclusion

At the end of the phone interview, do not hesitate to ask the recruiter if you have been clear enough and if has more questions to ask. 

Of course, you may thank him for taking the time for listening to you. Ask him about the next steps of your application so he knows you are curious. Finish your interview on a positive note and you can still try to wake the recruiter’s curiosity. The final words are always remembered by the recruiter. 

Don’t forget: the interview ends up as soon as you hang up the phone but it is highly recommended that you send a thank you email afterwards. 


Be careful to have a professional voicemail! Companies will certainly try to call you and they will hear it for sure. When you are expecting important calls, be sure to have a simple, clear, non-humoristic voicemail. 

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